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Who Wrote the Bible? (Part Two—NT)

by Jeremy

Last week, we looked at the authors of the Old Testament, keeping a fairly simple outlook and taking the Bible as a whole at its word (for reasons to look at it this way, see Why Christianity? and Why the Bible?).  This time, let’s consider the New Testament—it’s more immediately relevant to most of us, […]

Who wrote the Bible? (Part One—OT)

by Jeremy

Two weeks ago, in ‘Why the Bible,’ we started to look at this book in a different way from the very common, one-dimensional perspective.  This time, we’re going to continue unraveling, and take a look at the authors, as far as we can determine.  We’re venturing into some debates that have now raged for centuries, […]

Why the Bible?

by Jeremy

Anyone who is not already familiar with the Bible is likely to find it strange and counter-intuitive.  Even someone who is moved by the story of Jesus, to the point of calling himself a Christian, may reasonably wonder: “What’s with this goofy book?”  I think most people in the world who are familiar with the […]

Why Christianity?

by Jeremy

“Why should I choose Christianity?” This is a simple question, but a very important one.  Most free-thinking Christians have themselves considered this question at some point in their lives, and have had to wrestle with some tough subjects—the plethora of other religions, spirituality in general, existentialism, arguments from probability, self-doubt, inherent uncertainty about the concept […]