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“In the Original Greek”—Part Two

by Jeremy

(See last week’s post for an introduction to this topic.) So, what’s so bad about a person learning some basics of Biblical Greek, then sharing what they discover as a result?  Well, sometimes, nothing.  We should all limit ourselves to teaching at the level of knowledge we actually possess, and when students of Greek do […]

“In the Original Greek”—Part One

by Jeremy

“In the original Greek”—usually, when I hear this phrase, I immediately have to suppress a visible cringe.  I do this out of respect for the one who uttered the phrase, who is generally in the process of delivering a painstakingly prepared lesson to a group of Christians—the suppressing, that is.  I cringe, because I’ve learned […]

How Did We Get the Bible? (Part Two—NT)

by Jeremy

Last week, we looked at the Old Testament’s textual history and manuscript tradition.  The OT’s complexity in this regard came mostly from the fact that many of the earliest witnesses that survive are translations, not the original Hebrew text.  There are also some very old translations of the New Testament, but the text is much […]

How Did We Get the Bible? (Part One—OT)

by Jeremy

A thorough answer to this question would require a book, not a blog post. In fact, several such books exist, and anyone wishing for a fuller, better-documented answer should head to the local library, or if you prefer, and not expect to be done reading for quite some time. What I hope to give […]