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Bible in a Year

by Jeremy

Just yesterday, I finished reading the entire Bible in a year—11 days early, in fact!  It has been quite an experience. Being me, I of course went a bit overboard, putting together a spreadsheet to divide up the readings very evenly (all things considered).  And I added in the apocrypha, since I’d never read most […]

The New American Standard Bible

by Jeremy

If the ASV occupies a place in my heart, then the New American Standard Bible occupies a place in my gallbladder. Now that I have your attention… let’s dial back that sentiment just a bit.  It is again held for personal reasons, and again I’ve never used this version as my go-to, daily use bible.  […]

The American Standard Version

by Jeremy

The American Standard Version occupies a special place in my heart, even though I’ve never used it as my go-to, daily-use Bible.  When I was a kid, I had the privilege to hear many sermons delivered by my dad (here’s an example, from one of his visits to Lincoln).  Throughout my childhood, and even when […]